Contact Lenses

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What’s new in contact lenses?

Most patients still prefer to wear soft lenses, as the initial comfort and lack of care required fit well with everyone’s busy lifestyle. The fastest growing type of soft lenses are “daily disposable lenses”! These are incredibly thin and comfortable, and offer the best moisture retention of any lens type. And they need no nightly cleaning and disinfection. Today, we base contact lens success on both crisp vision and all day comfort. We now have amazing lenses that hold 98% of their moisture for 16 hours! Because dryness and vision issues have been the leading reason people stop wearing contacts, these new lens polymers are allowing many patients to again be free of glasses.

With all our soft lenses, we offer a no obligation diagnostic or “trial” pair. You will be able to wear your new contacts for several days in your “real world” to decide for yourself how well you see and how great they feel…..before you buy any lenses! We really want you to love your contacts, so you will tell your friends who have trouble with contacts to come see us. We do not succeed every single time, but frankly it is pretty rare that we cannot prescribe lenses that you will love.

And just like most people now wear glasses with “glare free” lenses, we also have more advanced soft lenses to provide you with sharper night time vision…….less glare from headlights and better contrast to see while driving in the rain. Our new patients are always impressed with their sharper night vision.

Come in for the most thorough eye exam you’ve ever had and we can discuss what types and options are best for you!

Soft lenses in daily or monthly types….for near and farsightedness, bifocal vision, and even astigmatism

Breathable rigid lenses for unusual vision needs, corneal diseases, and nearsightedness prevention in children.

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