Optical Boutique

  • Interior of the optical boutique

Morgantown Eye Associates Optical Boutique has the largest selection of frames in Morgantown. The frame selection is a mixture of Luxury, Designer, and Independent frame lines. With over 1,000 different styles and  variety of colors, shapes, and sizes on hand we are able to personally fit and style every customer to perfection. We offer a personalized experience with assistance from our Professional Frame Stylist. Our professionals will custom fit and measure your glasses to enhance visual clarity and comfort for all of your lifestyle needs.

New, with our in-office lab, we are able to cut and finish most single focus prescriptions within 24 hours. With over 40 years experience in the optical industry, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute highest quality product and services to ensure accuracy and punctuality.  Our team of professionals are dedicated to saving you time and providing you with the absolute best pair of glasses to exceed your lifestyle needs and wants. Truly experience life in high definition with the newest lens technology available today!

Of course, we can’t forget the kids! MEA offers the widest selection of children’s frames in the greater Morgantown area – and we only provide the best. All of our children’s frames are flexible, durable, and downright stylish. Best of all, we only fit our children’s frames with polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is the most shatter resistant material available, providing the highest degree of protection for your child’s eyes. Combined with new BlueLight technology, your child’s eyes will also be protected from the harmful UV lights emitted from digital screens that have been proven to cause eye strain and increase the risk of macular degeneration.


Luxury Lines:
Chloe’ | Jimmy Choo | OVVO Optics | Silhouette | Tiffany & Co.

Designer Lines:
Airlock | Ann Taylor | Armani Exchange | Blutech | Burberry | Calvin Klein | Coach | Cole Haan | Columbia | Dolce and Gabanna | Emporio Armani | Flexon | GX by Gwen Stefani | Harley Davidson | IZOD | Jessica McClintock | Kate Spade | Lamb | Marciano | Michael Kors | Michael Ryan | Nautica | Nicole Miller | Nike | Oakley | Ray Ban | Tory Burch | Vera Bradley | Versace | Vouge

Independent Lines:
Affordable Designs | Brooklyn Heights | Casino | Eight to Eighty | Elegante’ | Focus | Genevieve Paris | Haggar | Jelly Bean | Lite Designs | Maxx | Modern | Rafaella | Reflections | Serafina

Pediatric & Youth Frames:
Affordable Designs | Babiators | Blutech | Champion | Dilli Dalli | Eight to Eighty | GX by Gwen Stefani | Guess | Harley Davidson | IZOD | Jelly Bean | Liberty Z8 | Modern | Modz Kids | Nanovista | Nikki by Nicole Miller | OP | OVVO Optics | Peace | Ray Ban | Vera Bradley | Vouge | Wiley X

Babiators | Blutech | Burberry | Chole’ | Coach | Cole Haan | Columbia | Costa | DNKY | Flexon | Harley Davidson | Jimmy Choo | Kate Spade | Liberty Sports | Michael Kors | Nautica | Nike | OP | OVVO Optics | Oakley | Prada | Ray Ban | Sunskis | Tiffany & Co. | Tory Burch | Vera Bradley | Versace | Wiley X

Sports Performance and Safety Frames
Eye Shields | GM Safety | Liberty Sports | UVEX | Wiley X

Ophthalmic Lens Categories:

Along with many other products available at our lab, we have listed some of the newest lens technologies available today at Morgantown Eye Associates Optical Boutique.

Digital Free-Form Progressive (No-Line Multifocal) – Enjoy life at all angles with the most advanced design in progressive lenses. “Digital” refers to the higher precision used by our laboratory to produce your lenses. This affords enhanced clarity and wider visual fields for easy adaption, and long-lasting comfort.

Digital High Definition Lenses (Single Focus) – Truly see life in high definition with the most advanced single focus lens design. High definition lenses provide you with more vivid viewing ranges and the clearest peripheral (side to side) vision. Enjoy enhanced comfort and clarity by completely eliminating that “fishbowl effect” in a standard single focus lens.

Near Variable Focus (Computer Lenses) – Have a hard time finding that sweet spot? Find yourself going home with neck and back pain? Experience constant headaches and fatigue at the end of the day? We’ve got the perfect solution for you. A computer multifocal enhances the intermediate and reading zones to assure less eye strain, perfect posture, and overall the most comfortable day at the office, salon, or garage. With the newest lens technology, we are able to fit any workspace need or want.

Shamir Relax (Digital Single Focus) – Not ready for a multifocal lens yet? Experience visual fatigue throughout the day? No worries we have the perfect solution for those tired eyes. A single focus lens with just enough “Umph” (add power) in the bottom to keep your eyes from doing too much work throughout the day, ultimately leaving you with the energy you need to enjoy the rest of your day.

Shamir Duo (No-Line Bifocal) – Hate to wear progressive lenses, but don’t love the appearance of a line visible on your glasses? You’re in luck with the new Shamir Duo we are able to still give you the benefit of both Distance and near correction, but with the appearance of a single focus lens. With the new technology enjoy a variety of new options including premium glare-free, Transitions (light adaptive lenses), Polarized sun lenses, and tinted lenses. In addition to all of these great features the Duo provides the wearer with a comfortable reading and clear distance vision.

Additional Lens Features:

BluTech & Blue light UV Protection lenses – Experience eyestrain, visual fatigue, and headaches after a long day of looking at your electronic devices, or even after being in a room full of fluorescent lighting? It is a high possibility these symptoms are related to overexposure to harmful blue light radiation.  Blutech lenses filter blue light radiation resulting in improved sleeping patterns, more relaxed eyes, significant reduction in headaches/migraines, and even improvement with behavioral problems such as ADHD. It is vital to protect yourself and your children against blue light now to preserve your vision long term.

Premium Glare-Free – A multilayered lens that protect your eyes from that annoying and dangerous glare. Glare creates reflections that impair your visual acuity by at least 30% making it very difficult to drive, read, and perform your day to day lifestyle needs. Furthermore, reflections caused by glare make your glasses look thicker and prevent others from seeing your eyes.

Transitions (Light adaptive lenses) – Enjoy superior protection from harmful UV radiation emitted from our beautiful sun, and yet experience the benefits of clear vision when you walk indoors. The newest technology in light adaptive lenses offer the fastest fade back time on the market. No longer will you have to wait 5-10 minutes for the lens to transition. From inside to the great outdoors Transitions sense how light changes, therefore seamlessly adapting to the perfect tint from the moment you walk outside. When you return indoors, they seamlessly fade back to clear within minutes.

Polarized Lenses – Experience all the benefits of a good pair of sunglasses without the dangers of glare getting in the way. A true polarized lens completely eliminates glare from hard surfaces such as water, snow banks, and the good old country roads. Enjoy life with enhanced visual clarity, comfort, and overall contrast of our beautiful state.

Other additional lens features available include, but are not limited to:
Mirror treatments | Tints (Solid or Gradient) | Therapeutic Tints including FL-41 | Traditional plastic | Ultra Thin and Light High Index | Trivex | Polycarbonate | Prism corrective lenses | Polish treatments |