Vision Services


Computerized instruments and our highly trained staff, allow us to provide extremely accurate vision correction. You may choose to have us prescribe new fashion eyewear, the latest in contact lenses, or laser vision correction!

From infant care to Medicare, we are truly your “family practitioner of vision care”.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

A complete exam of your visual system

We provide computer-assisted comprehensive eye exams using state-of-the-art equipment. Your vision and eye health will be carefully evaluated by one of our doctors.

A comprehensive eye examination can take up to one hour and will include: external and internal eye health evaluation (tests for glaucoma, cataract, visual field defects, etc.), refraction (careful measurement of you prescription), binocular vision assessment and consultation. More in-depth testing will be performed when required.

Following your examination, the doctor will explain the results and answer any questions you may have. We will also make recommendations for any continuing eye care.

Thorough eye health evaluations should be done annually. Your eyesight is your most precious asset; any eye health conditions need to be caught early so that proper treatment can be implemented and vision preserved. This can only be done with a full comprehensive eye examination with an eye doctor.

Dry Eye Evaluations

Do your eyes ever feel dry, burn, or sting? If so, maybe you have a common condition known as Dry Eye Syndrome.

Here at Morgantown Eye Associates you can have your eyes evaluated for dry eye. We offer 2 ways to actually increase your natural tear layer on the surface of the eye! Restasis is an eyedrop medication that helps the tear gland to produce more natural tears all day. Punctual occlusion is a painless, in-office procedure that slows the drainage of tears away from the eye – keeping a healthier layer of natural tears on the eye all day and all night.

So, no need to tolerate sandy, gritty eyes anymore! Call us for a dry eye evalutation today!

LASIK Evaluations

We offer special testing and consultations to find the best candidates for LASIK eye surgery. We work closely withSightline in Pennsylvania, home of state-of-the-art technology including the Allegretto WaveLight laser and the Ziemer Bladeless laser.

Call us for a consultation today!

Children’s Vision Exams

We love seeing kids!  Generally, a child’s first “real” eye exam should be by age three.  We see infants and all ages too, but if your child appears to have normal straight eyes, has good eye-hand coordination, and your pediatrician has found no problems, you are likely safe to schedule those little peepers for a thorough checkup with us by age 3.  If you do notice an eye that drifts in or out, even only when tired or sick, schedule right away.  Children rarely report blurry vision so you need be more of an “eye detective” in screening for possible vision problems.  In fact, most kids with “lazy eye” have eyes that appear perfectly fine and straight to mom and dad.  And because every parent is way too busy, you are welcome to schedule more than one child at a time for their checkups.

Contact Lens Exam

Comprehensive eye exams for contact lens-wearers

Comprehensive eye exams for contact lens-wearers will include additional testing to ensure that the lenses worn are appropriate for optimal vision, comfort, and eye health. The contact lens prescription, eye-teaming and focusing, and internal and external eye health are also evaluated.

Contact lenses are our specialty! We prescribe lenses for astigmatism, bifocals, and even cosmetic/prosthetic lenses for injured eyes. In fact, our office is frequently selected as a clinical site for investigational studies of new contact lens designs. This may allow you to be prescribed a more advanced lens, not commonly available.

We fit all types of designs as well as custom lenses for hard to fit cases.

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