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Computer Vision Syndrome

Working in front of computer | Eyecare in Hampton Center

"My new job has me working on a computer all day, and I am having issues with fatigue, tired eyes, and trouble seeing clearly when driving home."

What is causing this?

In today’s world, yours is a very common presentation in our office.  Most likely, you are experiencing “Computer Vision Syndrome”. This syndrome generally is comprised of symptoms including:

  • end of day fatigue
  • eye strain during the day
  • trouble changing focus from near to far
  • blurry vision driving after work
  • sometimes neck or head ache

Fundamentally, our visual system was designed for best distance vision.  Today’s world demands, or we simply enjoy, spending a lot of our waking hours looking at digital devices at close range.  This prolonged near vision demand takes a toll on some people more than others.  In children, this near vision world of tablets and smartphones is causing more nearsightedness.  In adults, discomfort and fatigue are the prevalent results.  But rather than changing your career….we can prescribe glasses.

Computer lenses are specifically designed to do some of the focusing for your eyes.  Since most computer screens sit up at almost eye level, the power for most relaxed vision must be up in the lens also.  This means computer glasses are not for driving.  They are “occupational lenses” to use at your desk or in the office.  As an aside, these are often wonderful choices for musicians too!

We can prescribe from several types of computer lenses:  all near work / cubicle type, or mostly screen time with occasional vision up to 15 feet, or mostly screen time with some distance vision up to 30 feet.  We choose based on your lifestyle and work environment.  And of course, these all should have truly effective blue light filters built in to protect your eyes.

Talk to your eye doctor in your next eye exam.  Not all offices are knowledgeable or prescribing computer lenses, so ask before you go.  You may need new distance, all-around eyewear, but most patients simply love the comfort of their computer lenses.

You do not necessarily SEE better, but you should FEEL much better!

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