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New Eyewear Lenses Require Precision Measurements

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Q: I just got my second pair of glasses online, and still feel like my eyes are not “working together” and wonder how I can know if these are right?

A: Most people have very little idea what goes into making your new glasses perfectly for you. The problem today often begins with the eyewear salesperson not really trained to take the proper measurements so your new prescription lenses align perfectly with your eyes. Getting these precisely… the new frame you select….is essential for the optical laboratory to grind the lenses exactly as your eyes will align through your lenses.

Now, imagine you order online….as you did….who took the measurements for the prescription design? You likely used the online “fitting tool” to get some dimensions, but how good are those? In truth, not very good. For the simplest, mild prescription this method may be “close enough”. As your prescription power goes up, and if you have other complications like astigmatism and/or progressive lenses for reading…..the accuracy is increasingly critical. Both the measurements to order and the precision of the optical laboratory to actually produce what you need are essential to end up with a well-fitted pair of glasses, with the optics perfectly aligned with your eyes.

The American Optometric Association reviewed hundreds of online eyewear orders and found that less than 50% actually had the correct prescription as written by the eye doctor, and commonly the lens misalignments made even “correct” powers uncomfortable to wear. I tell our patients, honestly, it is very difficult to be a good consumer in eyewear. There are countless details that make or break a perfect prescription. There are over 300 progressive lenses sold for those of us over 40…..each a little different in design! How can a layperson possibly know how to select a lens design?

To get you started in solving this issue, you should call your eye doctor’s office and schedule to see one of the opticians in the office. This professional can “read” the prescription in your glasses, and determine if the powers are accurate, and if the lens design is accurate for your eyes. There may be a fee for this service. If the eyewear is found to be incorrect, ask your eye doctor’s office to generate a new prescription for you. You may have a fee for that service. If you are due for your eye exam, do that.

You could then contact the online supplier to see how, or if, they will remake your glasses to accurately match your doctor’s specifications. Frankly, I would recommend having the professionals in the office take the measurements best for today’s digital lenses, and have them make your glasses. You may pay more than online, but your likelihood of getting accurate eyewear for you is excellent this way. Seriously, you will wear your glasses for about two years. What else do you buy and use every day, for over 700 days? Invest in accurately measured and precisely made optics. Usually, these professionals are also well trained to guide your choice in frames to the shape and size that complements your facial appearance and accommodates your new lenses attractively.

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