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DP: EyeCare Column: Your PECP?

Q:  Several of my doctors have retired lately so I am seeking new specialists.  For my eyes, I am not sure whether I need an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist?   How should I choose? A:  Yours is a great question because it seems so many people really are not sure who...

Vision and School Performance

If a vision disorder is found, correction can be kid’s eyewear or daily use contacts or even eyedrops to slow the progression.

Aging Eyes

Finally, some good news!  Many people find their glasses prescription can get better with time.  Nearsighted patients often discover better vision with a milder prescription.

Eye exams with Dilation Drops?

We always stress the importance of regular, preventive eye exams simply because most eye disease give absolutely no pain or discomfort to warn you.

Detecting Glaucoma Early with Visual Field Testing: The Advantages of VR Instruments

Q: My eye doctor thinks I may be developing glaucoma, and keeps making me take those “visual field” tests. I find those difficult and stressful to do. Is this really necessary? A: In a word…..yes. Let me explain: visual fields are the area of your vision that each eye can...


I have been noticing some cloudiness in my vision once in a while. The haziness comes and go, with no pain, and seems to move around. What is going on?

Convergence Insufficiency: Making reading a chore!

We fairly commonly see patients whose glasses prescription is correct for each eye, but there has been no testing or prescribing for how your two eyes work together.

The Importance of Eye Exams: How Your Eyes Can Reveal Systemic Diseases like Diabetes

Q:  My eye doctor thinks I may have diabetes after looking my eyes.  How could she tell? A:  Your eyes give us a most unique opportunity to evaluate your overall health.  Examining your eyes involves looking inside your eyes. We actually do this two ways, by directly looking in with...

Choosing the Right Eyewear Lenses for Patients in Their 30’s and 40’s.

Q:  I am working in my office again, and having tired eyes and some fuzzy vision driving home at the end of my day.  My work is mostly on my computer workstation.  Is this that “blue light” thing?   A:  Actually, probably not.  While exposure to “blue light” from computer...

Improving Vision Loss after a Stroke

Q: My father had a mini-stroke last year and recovered pretty well, but he lost the left side of his vision. This causes all kinds of problems, and a lot of frustration for him. What could we do? A: Your dad’s situation is far too common, in my opinion. And...

Essential vision terms

Q:   My eye doctor told me I have farsightedness, but I have more trouble up close.   These vision terms always confuse me…..can you explain these to me? A:  So glad you asked, as we are asked this exact sort of question many times every single day!  I do...

Glaucoma: Major Risk Factors

Q:  I know glaucoma can cause blindness, but because it does not hurt how would I know I have it? A:  You are right about the dangers of  glaucoma, and it is also true that it does not cause any discomfort or blurry vision.  It truly is silent.  For starters,...

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