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Morgantown’s Preferred Eye Care Center

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Here at Morgantown Eye Associates, our goals are simple…”perfecting vision, improving life”….and we mean it. You will experience a higher level of care in our practice than you have ever before. Many people think an eye exam is an eye exam…all the same. This is simply not true.

We strive to utilize the very latest technology in both our diagnostic and treatment procedures, so our patients have the earliest detection of eye problems and most effective treatments. A child with a learning/reading problem can be diagnosed and treated with Vision Therapy to regain the normal learning curve a child needs to keep up and excel in school. A teenager with worsening vision may have an early corneal disease that we can up with advanced imaging and begin treatment to prevent further vision damage and assure a lifetime of good sight. Perhaps, an adult has mild vision discomfort because at work caused by dry eye disease. We can diagnose these multifaceted problems and initiate treatment to provide both clear vision and more comfortable vision for those 16 hours a day.

One of our greatest fears is losing our vision. Macular degeneration is a growing cause for all of us as we age. We have unique electro diagnostic testing and retinal imagining to detect early signs of this progressive vision loss….long before it has damaged your vision in every day living. Prevention of damage is the key, and we can prescribe eye medications and nutritional support to reduce the chance of losing your independence to vision loss.

  • We are eye physicians.
  • We are your family doctors of eye care.
  • When you, or a loved one, need thorough medical evaluation of you eyes…think of us.
  • If you need better vision correction, new glasses, or new contacts…we do that too.
  • Perfecting Vision. Improving Life. That’s what we do. Everyday.

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